Dell PowerEdge M820 Memory Upgrade Kit

Shop for a Dell PowerEdge M820 Memory Upgrade Kit today. At MET Servers, you can trust that we will ship out fully tested RAM for your production environment. All of our memory kits are major brands like Hynix, Samsung, Kingston, and Micron. We will send you matching sticks of memory for your system, and we offer a standard 90 day warranty to ensure you don't have any issues installing your new memory. We also offer an optional extended 1 year warranty on memory for added comfort. Here are the memory specifications for your system:

The M820 server supports flexible memory configurations ranging from capacities of 4GB to 1.5TB, and up to 12 DIMMs per processor (up to 48 DIMMs in a four-processor configuration). Each processor has four memory channels, with each channel supporting up to three DIMMs.
The M820 supports a flexible memory configuration according to the following basic rules:
? Speed: If DIMMs of different speeds are mixed, all channels across all processors operate at the slowest DIMM’s common frequency.
? DIMM type: Only one type of DIMM is allowed per system: RDIMM or LRDIMM. These types cannot be mixed.
The following additional memory population guidelines apply to the M820:
? Up to two quad-rank (QR) DIMMs and up to three dual-rank (DR) or single-rank (SR) DIMMs may be populated per channel. Although an LRDIMM is physically a QR DIMM, logic on the LRDIMM can make it appear as a DR DIMM to the system, allowing up to three LDRIMMs per channel.
? DIMMs must be installed in each channel, starting with the DIMM farthest from the processor.
? DIMMs should be installed with largest rank count to smallest. For example, if DR DIMMS are mixed with SR DIMMs, DR DIMMS should be placed in the lowest DIMM slots, followed by the SR DIMMs.
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